The journey with SureLanding is designed to build you into an established business in Europe. Each journey is customised to meet different business goals and aspirations. Amongst others we use a mix of the building blocks below to develop the right journey for you:


We will assess addressable markets, competition and influencing factors so you will know what the real opportunity looks like and what objectives are achievable.


We deliver targeted wins for the trophy cabinet providing local relevance and recognition. Light House targets are chosen for their influence in the local market.


We build, track, report and close against a sustainable pipeline. Our reporting also allows you and any potential investors to see clearly the real market opportunity for your solution in Europe.


With a team of business analysts and integration specialists we remove hurdles to the adoption of new systems.  From helping build internal business cases, through to project delivery, we create repeatable success stories.


We deliver the right partners, co-ordinate training and manage the subsequent sales pipeline to increase market penetration.


When the time is right and a dedicated team is justified, all the work that we have carried out for you, including contacts, pipeline and channel partners will be handed over smoothly so your team can hit the ground running.

With the journey defined and goals and objectives agreed, we allow you to see, interact with and share your growing footprint in Europe remotely at any time of the day.

We use Sales Lifecycle management, CRM and collaboration tools that enable you constant access to see your presence and growth in Europe. Deal reporting is based on well-established and successful methodologies.